Precinct by precinct, bond measure took beating

When the third and final vote count for Measure 4-168 was released on the evening of Nov. 5, the voters had spoken, and their cry was an emphatic “no.”

By a count of 2,484 no votes (62 percent) to 1,529 yes votes (38 percent), Seaside School District voters rejected the $128.8 million proposal to buy a 50-acre parcel of land and build a state-of-the-art K-12 school campus on it.

A precinct-by-precinct breakdown tells the same story: The school bond measure took a drubbing.

Of the 11 voting precincts in the school district, only one, Precinct 40, passed the measure, and it did so narrowly, 215 (51.4 percent) to 203 (48.6 percent).

Precinct 40, one of four Seaside precincts in the district, lies between 24th Avenue, Avenue S, U.S. Highway 101 and Alpine Street.

The school bond measure’s biggest defeat came in Precinct 45, which is Arch Cape.

With only 165 registered voters, Arch Cape is the smallest precinct in the district. Of those registered, 106 voters turned out, and 85 of them cast a no vote.

The final tally in Precinct 45 was 85 no votes (80 percent) to 21 yes votes (20 percent).

The voters of Cannon Beach, who saw their elementary school close last year, overwhelmingly rejected the measure, 372 no votes (64.5 percent) to 205 yes votes (35.5 percent).

Some Cannon Beach parents are working to establish the Cannon Beach Academy, a proposed charter elementary school that would open next fall. So far, at least 94 students from kindergarten through fifth grade are signed up to attend. Preliminary plans call for the permanent school building to be constructed on a portion of 55 acres the city of Cannon Beach plans to purchase south of Haystack Heights.

South Clatsop Precinct, or Precinct 23, the district’s northernmost precinct, boasted the most registered voters, with 1,044, and also the highest turnout rate, 68.2 percent.

Of the 712 votes cast from the South Clatsop Precinct, 478 of them (67.3 percent) were no votes.

Precinct 38, which is between Avenue G, Highway 101 and the ocean, had the lowest turnout of any precinct in the school district. Of the 815 registered voters in the precinct, 364 cast votes for a turnout rate of 44.7 percent.

Measure 4-168 was the only item on the ballot for the Seaside area, yet voter turnout was unusually high.

Of the 7,076 registered voters in the Seaside School District, 4,013 cast votes in the Nov. 5 election, a 56.7 percent turnout rate.

“It’s a significant percentage for an off-election and one with just one item,” said Clatsop County Clerk Maeve Kennedy Grimes, who oversaw the Nov. 5 election and keeps county records. “It shows that Seaside people were very interested in this bond measure and wanted to get out and vote.”

Turnout for an off-year election with so few ballot items usually sits in “the high 30s,” according to Kennedy Grimes.

The Seaside Signal, 11.23.13. Link:



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