Party like it’s 2004: I’ve started a blog

In what will certainly be the least noteworthy thing of yours and anyone else’s day, I’ve finally started a blog.

I read on Twitter once a suggestion that every time someone starts a podcast they must kill another podcast host; this seems doubly true of da blogosphere. (Are we still calling it that?)

There is no room for more blogs. This is also objectively untrue, which is why blogs are annoying. There is always room for more blogs. They take like zero bandwidth. It’s just text and reading. And reading is not cool anymore unless you do it on your phone on the bus or at Chipotle.

But here we are. I live in Bumblefuck, USA and have very few daily interactions in which I speak out loud in an honest and forthright way. These seem like ideal blog-startin’ conditions.

I am unsure what I will write about, but I’m assuming mostly baseball and pop culture since that’s what I mostly read about. I’ll probably also finally write a review of “Airborne,” my favorite ’90s rollerblading movie starring Seth Green and Jack Black. If you haven’t bladed down Devil’s Backbone—the biggest hill in all of the town, peeps—then you haven’t lived.




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  1. I have seen that movie an absurd amount of times.

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